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About Us

Ahmedabad Juniors is an extension of our 38 years long legacy of nurturing the unique mind of every child. We have shaped, groomed and guided lacs of students. In our journey of shaping young minds, we experienced that young ones are the most curious ones and if given a right environment along with right approach, can lead them to become an explorer, a decision maker, a leader and most importantly a lifelong learner. Hence we needed a platform where we can introduce our customized child centric curriculum instead of stereotyped pattern of learning and give our little ones an exclusive place to explore, evolve and express themselves.

Ahmedabad Juniors encourages parents to participate and be apart of their learning process. We strongly believe that kids are like wet cement whatever falls on them, makes an impression. Through our decade old schools, At present we are working with 2500+ prep school students. We keep organizing effective workshops and exclusive parenting programs for young parents, Researched based innovations in child development has been a continuous process, and we are focused to strive vision based expansion in child education. We have published several books for students and Parents which are quite popular. At Ahmedabad Juniors we are determined to give a platform to build their vision for tomorrow.

Our Others Campuses
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Ahmedabad Juniors
Ahmedabad Juniors


We are educationalists, having a legacy of certain values and skills that allow us to go anywhere in the world and be successful in whatever work we choose to do.

We want to inculcate these skills and values in children from the beginning of their student life. We aspire to create confident personalities, opinion makers, leaders and enable them to stand up for the society.

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Why Ahmedabad Juniors Title

Ahmedabad Juniors is a part of 3 decades old legacy with an experience of more than 38 years in educational field. We have nurtured more than 1 lac kids. You can use well-established brand name for which research and hard work has been done for number of years. Get all the knowhow of infrastructure, educational technology, marketing at national, state and local level for which dedicated team is working round the clock.

Expert parenting sessions for the young parents is a special and unique feature of AJ which directly helps entrepreneurs like you to attract admissions and hence better returns. Gain from our years of expertise. Reap benefits. Successful business model. Be a part of the educationist family

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Our Programs

We have specially designed programs to help your child learn & develop. Age appropriate curriculum has been designed which isfull of activities and fun learning. Our experts have made sure that curriculum meets the individual needs of our tiny tots and healthy mix of indoor and outdoor activities ensures your child gets the best learning experience.

Teachers Training


Fuel for the Day: 5 Delicious and Nutritious Tiffin Ideas for Busy Students

Fuel for the Day: 5 Delicious and Nutritious Tiffin Ideas for Busy Students

As parents prepare to send their children back to school, packing a healthy and nutritious tiffin box is a top priority. With the abundance of unhealthy snacks and junk food options available, it can be challenging to create tiffin ideas that are both delicious and good for your child's health.

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Juggling Parenthood and Work: Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Juggling Parenthood and Work: Achieving the Perfect Work-Life Balance

As a parent, juggling work and family life can often feel like a constant struggle. It can be challenging to find the right balance between your responsibilities at work and your obligations as a parent.

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Ahmedabad Juniors
Divyapath Campus, Memnagar, Ahmedabad
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