We are known and respected for…
  • 37 years of strong educational background.
  • Expertise of the educational sector and parenting counseling.
  • More than 1,00,000 children nurtured.
  • Exclusive Parenting sessions for young parents.
  • Effective and innovative curriculum.
  • Supporting staff is available locally, to assist and guide you at every step.
  • Effective and supportive management.
  • No compromise in the quality of our standards.
  • Collaboration with more than 20 schools of all boards to facilitate admissions of students after AJ Stage-3.
  • Admission preference given to students of AJ.
  • Unique and beneficial franchise model.
  • Constant guidance and support.
Jaydev Sonagara
Jaydev Sonagara (Mentor of Ahmedabad Juniors) Director, Educationist, Author, Poet, Parenting Expert

(In his inspirational career of 38 years, he has guided 50,000+ parents on path of holistic upbringing of their kids.)

“Writing and researching on parenting and understanding the concerns faced by a child on the bench of a classroom has always been my areas of interest. And my years of experience has lead me to establish AHMEDABAD JUNIORS wherein I wish to provide an exclusive place to young children to explore, to express to be confident in life, to have fun with knowledge. Read More

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