With ahmedabad juniorsYou can be your
Own boss

  • You can use well-established brand name for which research and hard work has been done for number of years.
  • Get all the know how of infrastructure, educational technology, marketing at national, state and local level for which dedicated team is working round the clock.
  • You can take benefit of exclusive parenting sessions by the experts with years of experience.
  • Save time and energy involved in creating a brand name.
  • Gain from our years of expertise.
  • Reap benefits.
  • Successful business model
  • Be a part of the educationist family.
Own Boss

Center-set upSupport

  • Site visit selection & construction plan.
  • An interior-designing manual (wall, ceiling, floor designs etc)
  • Customized design and availability of furniture, toys and play area.
  • A Few benefits you enjoy being a part of AJ family.
  • Set up support, Day to day support, Marketing Support, Publication/editorial support, Advertisement support, Continuous research and development support, Social Media support, Technical training and recruitment support
  • Modification in existing building

General terms & conditions

  • Non-refundable franchise fees
  • Agreement will be for 5 years (initially)
  • Royalty to be paid according to percentage agreed upon.
  • All payments to be made only through bank, no cash transactions.
  • No other center will be established in your area (with in 2-3 kms)
  • Taxes and GST as per govt. policies and subject to change.