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Why do children become inactive?

Why do children become inactive?

In order to understand the behaviour of children, their habits, interests, tastes and their likings, one really needs to know the child psychology and thus understanding their social and mental development.

Sometimes kids, who are very active, in a gradual manner reduce themselves into a state of inactiveness or almost turn passive. And, following this they tend to become rude and even develop an ignorance trait. Generally these kind of behavioural traits are seen more among the first child of the family. In many cases, children who are constantly being egged on or counselled by their parents slowly develop a sense of passiveness. Especially among the first child of family who is the centre of all the care and receiving complete attention and help at each step of their early lives by their mothers; be it eating meals, carrying out chores for getting ready for the school, dropping him for school bus and again receiving him post-school time, makes him completely inactive.

Other aspects that contribute to first child’s gradual inactiveness and passiveness are: - when sibling rivalry takes place among two kids of a family or while living in a joint family, when performances of two kids are constantly being compared, when another child’s capability is praised again and again, and at a time when a child is criticized in presence of another kid.

Sometimes insistent parents’ constant attempt to control their wards by imposing over-disciplined routine leads to a situation where either the kid becomes passive or makes him aggressive, and starts ignoring the suggestions, instruction and directions given. Also expresses their protest, anger and many times while doing so it may resort to acts which destroys things around.

On occasions like when kids are not able to express their own struggle, disappointments or their dependency; or even for that matter while unable to solve difficulties renders a feeling of being unsafe which makes passive and aggressive. Moreover, issues which lead them to passiveness include when their needs are not met, their hobbies and interests are ignored or not paid any attention. Following this child almost stops oral communication and starts ignoring parents, and grows up hardhearted feelings.

Many times passive kids make things done as per their will and indirectly start controlling their parents. By non-cooperative attitude force parents to agree to what they say and also creates negative trend by flimsy protests.

A Child can be made active if parents try to understand and remain careful in their behaviour for all the above mentioned situations. Situations could be improved if parents stop forcing kids to change, instead, try to bring changes in them. Changes could be brought into kids if proper steps are taken after understandings the reasons for change in them. Those parents rushing to clinical psychologist for very normal behavioural issues of their wards actually need to contemplate bettering their behaviour and atmosphere around. One got to be a childlike with their children. And, one needs to understand kid’s mistakes and failures from theirs age perspective.

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