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Where is me in this vain complexity?

Where is me in this vain complexity?

I am the focal point of my family. I am the dream of my family. I am the fulfillment of wedding vows and actualization of parents’ love. I am the dawn of my family’s hope.I am the hubbub in the drawing room, a wonderful blend of array and disarray.

Mamma, I am the glow of your eyes. I am the one who peep through your dimples. I am the damp on your eyelash and sweet smile on your lips. I am the beauty twirling with your hairs. I am the love that twinkles in your lap. I am the gravity of your familial bonds.

Papa, I am the motive behind your sweat. I am the centre of all of your planning. I am the spring of your commitment and essence of your toil. I am the one who keeps you busy in whole life.

I am the one who, the people say, continue the lineage. I am the one whom the society calls vision. I am the string of hope that unites the society. I am the pleasant dance and reverberating applause on the societal stage. I am the tunes of their sacred hymns and a treasure of abundant merrymaking. I am the tender beam of the societal light.

I am a scapegoat sent to the wilderness of the classroom. I am the dumb who put up with incessant discourses of the teacher. I am the philosopher’s stone that actualizes their dreams. I am the mirror of their ideals. I am the drudge who bears the load of teacher’s knowledge and a means to transmit it. I am the nectar of teacher’s self worth.

I am the carrier of school’s life. I am its will to last. I am the grandeur of its inner music, one for whom all the prizes are contrived. I am the mark of equality and the reflection of school’s past. I am the stairway swiftly leading the school to the realm of repute.

Though I seem to be on the top of the world, I am helpless and downhearted. I am the way out from this confusing tangle and yet looked upon as a culprit. I am the ashes of the incomplete smile. I am the innocent one who follows your instructions, one who laughs when you laugh, even though I am being scolded, insulted or beaten by you. Though this entire system is set up around me, my voice is heard nowhere amid these concrete jungles. Then, where is me in this vain complexity?

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