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What really should you teach to your child

What really should you teach to your child

Parents are too zealous to teach names of birds and animals to their child. They teach him math tables, they teach him doing homework speedily and compete fiercely, but never teach what is really essential. Eventually the children who succeed in studies fail in tackling the real life. In such a situation, this article will surely prove to be very helpful in knowing what really you should teach to your child.

  1. Teach him to keep going when circumstances are not favourable. Children usually lose courage and succumb to failure in adverse circumstances.
  2. Teach him that failure is a part of success and failure is equally necessary to succeed.
  3. Teach him how to make good friends and then to keep them. In friendship he should know when to go ahead and when to stop.
  4. Teach him how to bring out his talents and seize opportunities.
  5. Teach him especially that simplicity, honesty, positive attitude and endurance are concrete pillars of life.
  6. Teach him that it is easier to earn money but difficult to save it. So, teach him how to save money and make a right use of it.
  7. Teach him that it is good to share his snacks, tools and toys with others and to give it those who are most needy.
  8. Teach him that when good times turn face from him and failures encircle him, he can still succeed the next day with persistent efforts. Teach him to cultivate such fighting spirit.
  9. Teach him the difference between price and value, stinging and frugality, need and desire, freedom and willfulness.
  10. Teach him to achieve goals with hard work instead of being sentimental about it.
  11. Teach him to stand with dignity when his friends or relatives ignore him or degrade him. Instead he should take the situation as a challenge.
  12. It is important to teach him that exams are there not only to measure your knowledge but also your ignorance. It tests not merely your knowledge but also your skills, art of representation and smartness.
  13. Teach him particularly how to buy things, how to check their weight and different units of measurement. Also teach him to tackle affairs at bus station, railway station, post office and bank, besides making him remember important phone numbers.
  14. He should know how to stay safe while alone at home. He must know the police and emergency numbers which he might need to use in case of danger. He should also know how to commute safely between the school and home.
  15. Teach him especially how to deal with strangers and how to remain calm and composed in the midst of accidental or god-given troubles.
  16. Teach him to keep his hope alive during adverse situations and have faith that he will surely get help. Parents can use inspirational stories for it.
  17. Parents must strive to teach their child good manners and language, habit of appreciating others, politeness, controlling anger and conversation on telephone.

To a habitually furious child his teacher once gave a hammer and a hundred nails. He asked the child to pound a nail on the tree every time he feels like angry. The child accepted the suggestion and started doing what his teacher said. Gradually his nail- beating decreased. Now the teacher asked him to remove those nails from the tree. The child did it. Teacher showed him gashes on the tree and said, “It is easy to say sorry after causing pain to someone but the scars left by the inflicted wounds on his heart can’t be wiped out.” The teacher’s words penetrated in child so deeply that his behaviour changed completely.

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