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What do kids got to Worry about?

What do kids got to Worry about?

Oh! The lovely childhood! We often think of it as the most wonderful part of life and it is no doubt about it. It is a joy to see kids running, jumping, hopping and giggling away carelessly. They have nothing to worry about. They are in their own universe, their own little space in this big place.

And as adults, we are bombarded with a variety of weighty anxieties. At this point it is hard for us to fathom that children have much to worry about too. The truth is that any stage of human development will bring about its own worries, and kids are no exception. As their brains develop and their understanding of the world increases, these fears will take on different forms depending on their age. But the good news is that the majority of these worries will be resolved with time.

The distress differs with age. Kids will go through various kinds of queries and anxiety depending on their brain development and age.

Infants and Toddlers (0-2 Years)

Babies start to recognize faces at around 6-8 months, meaning they’ll start to understand the difference between familiar and unfamiliar people. When they see a new face babies may be easily scared or startled, especially if that person appears quickly or unexpectedly.

Unexpected Noises and Movements
A baby’s nervous system can be easily overloaded, whether it’s a loud siren or a sudden movement can easily make them scared

Separation Anxiety
Around 8-10 months, babies become aware that things still exist even when they can’t see them. If you leave the room, they’ll know you’re around but can easily get upset if they can’t see you. Toddlers who understand how much they need and love you may become especially upset when separated from you.

Preschoolers (3-4 Years)

Thing that don’t make sense to them
Getting used to new things takes time, and they’re still new at navigation and getting used to something new will take time. As they become more aware of the world around them, fireworks, a person they know with a new haircut or anything that isn’t comfortable or familiar to them and can send them into a panic

An Imagination Run Wild
A child’s clear imagination will bring joy and fun to their lives–but it can also create monsters and instill fears. Fear of the dark is common at this age. Books and television can often make a child’s imagination, causing them to imagine all types of scary scenarios. Since they’re not able to distinguish from real and pretend all the time, imaginary monsters can seem very real.

Older Children (5-11 Years)

Same Separation Anxiety, Different Reason
Separation anxiety will stay on the list but the reasons may change. As kids become aware of real-life situation possibilities their worry takes on a deeper meaning. Not being with one parent may cause them to worry about their safety since they understand bad things can happen in the real world.

A child’s worry is a normal part of life. While there will be many more fears not listed here, the key is to help your child feel safe while giving them the coping skills to tackle any new challenges that arise as they grow.

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