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This being called MOM

This being called MOM

Mothers are the superwoman we all know. Mom just knows what we need, how we feel and even understands us when we don’t say much. It is not a surprise that mom can feel everything their baby feels. Not to exaggerate but a mother can always sense if their little precious is in trouble or hurt. Being mother is the most talked about bond. This relationship is the purest form of love not because this bond has a mother. Then why are mothers so over protective, so loving, so stern and at the same time so tender.

Every mother - child relation is unique, treasured and cherished. This relation starts even before the baby is born. Why? Why is indeed a question everyone will ask. The reason is more psychological than just logical. When a couple plans to have a baby, they are taking a big step which is beyond self and ego. A man raises a child but a woman will bear and nurse the child. A woman loses more of herself when she becomes a mother. She is responsible to nurse the child, feed the child, waking up in the middle of the night to soothe the crying infant. Above all, woman goes through labor pain to bring a human in the world.

People seem to assume that motherhood will be easily embraced by the woman once she becomes a mother. Well.., no. it doesn’t happens. A first time mother will not know how to deal with overwhelming emotions. Every mother has wondered if she is doing a good job. But one should always remember that every mother-child bond is different and there is no one parameter to judge a mother’s ability. Thus all these thoughts should be put aside.

As the child grows, woman will grow into more mature mother. A mother should know certain things that no-one will ever tell them. Read on to know what those points are.

We all strive to do our best, but the problem begins when we feel like our best isn’t good enough. No matter what we do, we might feel that our efforts are just not efficient. In moments like these just calm down and take a minute. Understand that it is okay if you don’t know what to do. Just talk to your elder or go to pediatrician.

Self-care is an important part of being a mother. A mom who doesn’t take care of herself is unable to take care of her children. On the other hand, if a mother goes to the doctor to get treatment the illness would not stop a mother from fulfilling her motherly duties. A mother who never takes time out for herself will feel stressed and unloved. When she feels stressed and unloved, she is unable to love others, especially her children.

Children enjoy the simple things in life. Kids may not remember all the expensive and advanced gifts you got them. But they will remember that one small special gift you bought. A child’s focus is scattered onto so many things all at once, but these small moments you create will shine a bright light in your child’s memories.

Communication is about much more than the words those come out of your child’s mouth. It also involves being active in their interests. Spend some time listening to your child’s favorite music or sit and play games with them sometimes.

Change what you believe (this can be difficult). Sometimes being a mother is going beyond our set of belief. We all are raised with a very specific set of beliefs that create the foundation of who we are, but sometimes the world changes and things just end up being different. Every mother has images of her perfect child. But what happens when your child doesn’t fit your expectations? You have to be able to change what you believed about your child so that you don’t end up forcing him to be what he isn’t.

Make sure the discipline matches the crime. There are all kinds of schools of thought about discipline, but the most important thing to do when disciplining is to make sure that the punishment fits the crime. If the child is a little older, ask her what she thinks the punishment should be. If the child is too young to understand this, make sure that the punishment is directly related to what she did.

Allow your kids to fail. Parents often run behind their child fixing all of their mistakes. It is important to be there if your child makes a big but sometimes it is necessary to let them fail and face the fall. Allow them to learn to be responsible.

Remember, being a good enough mom isn’t a matter of perspective. It’s a fact that you are already good enough. You only have to believe. Being a mom does not mean being consistent in the routine. Your baby will have a new phase every day; you just have to work with patience. And remember the ultimate goal of motherhood is to bond and create memories. This is not a job that should be done with perfection. Instead it is a journey where you grow as you walk the path with your child.

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