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The learning patterns of the child

The learning patterns of the child

It is really essential for every parents to know that “How does their child learn?” For one single incident or occasion, each child can be reacting differently. The children grown up in the same atmosphere can show different reactions for likings and disliking. Similarly, all the children are learning in the same atmosphere. It is necessary to understand the different learning patterns and procedures. That is why, it is being said that, “If you are teaching to the child and he doesn’t understand, then it is not his fault. You need to teach him the way he understands it.

A man took his sick pet dog to a veterinary doctor for the treatment. The doctor gave him a dose of liquid medication. After returning to home, he attempted to administer the liquid medical dose to his pet with every possible ways he could such as by spoon-feeding, forcing the pet to open his mouth, but, all failed and in the process he dropped the bottle on the floor and spilled the medication. Then the dog licked that medication. This is teaching us a lesson that we need to learn that every living being is accepting our teaching method or not.

(1) The Children learning through Readings:

Normally, in a class-room nearly 30-40 % children prefer to learn through reading. They have inclination towards reading. They are remembering what they read. They don’t get tired by reading a lot. In fact, they are enjoying reading. While reading their mind is staying focused and concentrated.

(2) The Children learning through Listening:

Normally, in a class-room nearly 20 % children prefer to learn through listening and grasping through listening whatever the teacher is speaking about. For them listening is a natural way to learn. For learning, they are attuned to their teacher’s voice, tone, and accent, sweetness of language, speaking speed and his expressions and gestures. This kind of children prefers to read less.

(3) The Children learning through Activities:

Normally, in a class-room nearly 15% children prefer to learn through activities. This kind of children have inclination towards teaching methods that apply audio-video equipments, learning and experimental tools, activities and charts, graphs, maps, models and designs applied by the teacher. During learning this kind of children prefer to listen music or with walking around or along with sports and games rather than reading by sitting at one place.

(4) The Children learning through self-system:

Normally, in a class-room nearly 10% children are developing their own system for learning, like first to read and then jotting down important points to remember them, and to later discuss them with friends for quick learning. Teaching others to learn, taking help of someone in remembering, learn that things quickly which is giving praise, to learn quickly from the teacher who makes learning enjoyable and other similar learning system the children are developing.

The children have different inclinations for preference for reading-time, place, ambience, management, and environment and so on. In some of the cases the children suffering from disabilities are finding hard to learn. Normally, the children are developing weakness in grasping or learning prowess because of several reasons like if he has born prematurely, the mistakes committed by the doctors during the pregnancy time, due to lack of breast-feeding by the mothers, over doses of medications given to the children and/or mothers, deficiency in eyesight or hearing, genetic weakness, social problems within the family or at home, quarrels between the parents, behavioural attitudes towards him, lacking in facilities made available to him, too much control or total freedom offered to him, because of friends or atmosphere in the classroom.

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