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The Kings and Queens of Social Media

The Kings and Queens of Social Media

Social media has grown and expanded over the years. The usage of this platform is so massive that we can only expect the unfathomable. These platforms are very popular among the young ones. “Click before you eat” has become the new table habit instead of “Pray before you eat”. Uploading pictures, the check-in option on Facebook and add location on Instagram, literally, everyone in your circle knows where you are and what you are doing. These young stars on Tik tok and self proclaimed models of Instagram, these young adults start living a life of celebrity and often tend to forget the reality. They end up suffering from identity crisis.

Being a teen in the world of social media is not easy. These kids are facing much more advance problem than what young adult did just 5 years back. American Psychology Association (A.P.A.) did a worldwide research on what triggers the anxiety among teenagers? The psychologists narrowed down 4 problem area:-

  1. Social Media
  2. Struggle of sexuality & acceptance
  3. Pressure by parents and school
  4. The idea that they will never be good enough

The experts say that social media and text messages have become a crucial part in the lives of teenagers and they lead to anxiety and also lower self esteem. This age of Insta models, here the under nourished young girls or skinny looking young girls are considered desirable. A boy is date worthy if he has good physic: all these “the so called Trends” are leading to depression, poor body image and loneliness.

The Kings and Queens of social media are so good looking that everyone wants to be like them. They are the trend setter, mood makers and friendship worthy. Many try to imitate them without giving their actions a thought. These young brains know how to keep themselves busy after school until way past their bedtime. They are hooked on to their phones. To us, it may look like aimless, and misusing their time. But actually they are learning to interact with people around the globe.

Peer pressure is not their fault.

These children just want to be there. They want to be seen and accepted. Peer acceptance for them is a big deal. And No!!..we cannot blame them. It is our fault. Our constant nagging and comparing them with others, this is what has molded them to Fit in with the society. And so, kids spends hours selecting their online identity. Specially, girls go through a lot of pain to select that one perfect photo. And it is at this stage that kids show the Imposter Syndrome. They appear to be someone else on these platforms. Not in terms of their identity but in terms of personality and character. They just want to look good, be desirable, be more cooler and be teen sensation.

ID drives them

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Tik Tok, Twitter all these are t he social media where teens rush for attention. Numbers of likes and numbers of comment are their source of validation. This is the generation of Hashtags and they go through conflict and role confusion. The work Piaget : “Ages and Stages” shares a very important information. According Paiget, these young brains are wired to act on the rule ID (first stage of personality). They satisfy their ID. This makes them crave for attention and at times when the required is not met it leads to various psychological issues.

Since the boom of social media, teens are always trying to manage the highlights reel of their life. They are trying to please the audience they don’t even know. If you just take a glance at the caption that write, you will realize the efforts they put in to win the hearts of everyone. Well, whose fault is it? As parents it is our fault. We want them to be like someone or the other.

As parents, what can we do?

Our kids look up to us for any assistance. Can you recall when your little would not stop talking to you? That’s the need of the hour. Our kids should be able to talk to us without the fear of being judged. Let the society do the judging. As mentors, as parents it is our duty to give them the required space as they grow. Give them liberty; show them that you trust them. The worst thing you could do is to invade their privacy. Going through their phones and belongings is big no no!. This will probe them to think you do not trust them. What we require is just the opposite.

At this stage you help them in figuring out who they are? Give them the direction instead of pulling them on a road. Give them options and most importantly do not force them to be someone else. They need to know that they are accepted and loved by you.

Talk to them about what changes they will endure while growing up. These talks should come from parents, no matter how awkward it may be. It is crucial for kid to realize that their parents are open for discussion and will not hesitate in answering any question. And once they have this faith on you.. Voila !!! the job is done ! You can mark your child safe from such issues.

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