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The Child is Speaking Unclearly

The Child is Speaking Unclearly

Mostly, the tongue is not causing the child to speak unclearly; however normally the parents believe that their child is not able to speak clearly because of the problem with his tongue.

The reasons for unclear pronunciations:

  • Because of his hearing-deficiency often the child is not able to hear the language properly, thus, as a result he takes longer time in finding clarity in his pronunciations. Just being deaf many dumb

    children are not able to learn the language and the parents are not able to understand this problem.

  • If the formation of the teeth is not appropriate then also the child could speak few letters unclearly such as “t, th, k, and dh,” and words formatted with usage of these letters
  • Many times stammering children stammered while speaking due to lack of confidence or out of fear. A noted Gujarati singer was stammering even while speaking a single statement, however, he was able to sing clearly without any problem
  • The child’s genes are not responsible for his sweet-stammering and/ or stammering
  • Even the slow physical growth and speedy learning of the language can also cause stammering into the child
  • The organs involved in the pronunciations and lacking in controlling of sensitivity of the mind also causing stammering in the child

What help the parents can offer?

  • Not to stop the children while are speaking, not to scold, and others should not instruct to improve their language
  • Accept the pronunciations of the child. Not to ask him to speak slowly or again
  • Not to train him to speak particular words or pronunciations
  • To give him sufficient time to speak
  • Tell the child about things that are boosting his confidence, to give him opportunity to speak, ask him to read aloud
  • Take away tension from him, encourage him and be patience

Generally, if the parents pay attention to child, he can overcome from the suffering of stammering by the age of 10.

Even the adult persons also stammered in the situations such when they are much tensed, angered, in fearful circumstances, in and after nightmares, failing in the task, failing in performing the responsibility, in interview or in the presence of particular persons.

The Oscar Award winner movie “The Kings Speech” is a wonderful and very sensitive English film. The movie throws light on the life of the children suffering from stammering and depicting the roles of parents and teachers. The movie is based on true life story of Queen of English and her Father.

The children suffering from the stammering are able to sing clearly or murmur along the song while listening to it. If the fear of stammering is kept in abeyance from the mind of the victim then such children are able to speak clearly.

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