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The Autistic Children

The Autistic Children

Often abnormality is observed with some children during their talks, relationships and behaviour as they are suffering from the Autism. In medical term Autism is described as “Bio-neurological disorder that is observable in early childhood with symptoms of abnormal self absorption, characterized by lack of response or other humans and by limited ability or disinclination to communicate and socialize.

Now-a-days, the cases of children suffering from the autism are coming to limelight quickly because of awareness spreading about it in the society and availability of its medical treatments with the advancement in the medical science.

Normally, the first symptom of the autism appears in the child during the first 30- months from the birth. The child shows lack of interest or laziness in learning or following. Such children are also showing behavioural attitudes like sleeping for long-hours, less-crying and physical inactiveness. These children also start learning at later age. Sometimes parents of such children think that their child is dumb as they behave in very stereo type manners and hardly showing any facial expressions or gestures. They mostly try to avoid eye-contacts and are slow learners. Compared to girls, the Autism is prevailing 4% higher in the boys. By the age of adulthood such children are showing 30-40 % improvement, but, for that they require help, guidance and support. The child suffering from the Autism is showing intellectual growth of three year-old at the age of 10. If such children are not given proper care and attention than problems start arising in the daily life and family falls into a deep trouble.

The prior condition of parenting is that the Almighty put them on a test “In the form of a child” and raising a child of any form is a challenge.

A specialist doctor, a professional advisor and explicit school for Autistic children can be very helpful. The better results could be derived from the Autistic children if all of them are kept busy in the group activities like music, plays, sports, interaction and co-education. Autism is a long-term challenge and better results could be achieved with parents showing patience and tolerance than the medications.

The Children with Inability to Learn:

Often, the children starting late to speak are showing inability to learn read and write. Besides this, the problem in pronouncing words, making spellings, identifying numbers is called DYSLEXIA. The children suffering from occasional blindness are also getting trapped into this. It is mostly found in the boys and particularly children having disturbed family background.

This problem is worsening amongst the children born with the aged parents, in poverty, unemployment, physical torturing, and inadequacy of educational atmosphere, single parenting, and children living under pressure.

The children suffering from Dyslexia can be cured without medications with the help from specially trained teachers, specialised classrooms, and active parents. The Dyslexia affected children can quickly take up the challenge against the disease, if they are provided co-operation, advices and guidance by the institutions that are specifically working for such children.

Similarly, the children suffering from partial dumbness, eye-sight, grasping power can be cured quickly with positive efforts from parents and teachers than the medicines.

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