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Read your way through

Read your way through

It’s fun and entertaining to watch your child speak and explore new sounds and words. By the age of 4, kids will pick up two to three letter words. This age is also the perfect age to introduce them to books. Encouraging them read will enhance their memory.

“But how I promote reading habits ?”

Reading is the basic fundamental skill that a child ought to learn. Before we inculcate this habit let’s understand how reading can help. This habit is not just for good reading skills, it develops vocabulary, increases concentration span and helps promote strong logical and analytical reasoning.

It is crucial to remember that whenever you try to teach your child any skill, you should encourage them. These tiny brain are curious beings, they will enact every thing you do. They notice your behaviour and your habits. This makes you the first teacher of your child. So be very careful around these little humans. Any new habits that you wish to teach, you need to put in extra effort to include those habits in your day to day routine.

Involve your child. It is the best way to kick start a new habit. By reading together your child will learn the joys reading and this way your helping or your child develop a motivation to read.

Here are some techniques to help your child start reading.

Make a reading area

Make an area for your child to read in with his or her help. Grab a bean bag chair, fun accessories, a variety of books, and your child will have his or her own cozy reading corner.

Reading can be done anywhere

Teach your child that reading is more than just for books. Practice reading menus, movie names, road signs, game instructions, and more.


Act as a role model and read in front of your child. Watching you reading magazines, newspapers, and books shows your child that reading is important. Encourage your child to join you with his or her own book while you are reading.


Help your child apply what he or she is reading to everyday life. Making connections between books and your child’s own experience can help increase his or her interest in reading.


Give your child easy access to books and other reading materials at home. This helps him or her understand that reading doesn’t only happen at school—it can happen anywhere.

Take them library

Making reading fun can be easy with a library card. Take advantage of the selection at your local public library by letting your child pick out a book that catches his or her attention.

Read every night

Make reading part of your child’s night-time routine. This habit helps your child learn to associate reading with relaxation.

While helping your child read, be patience. They are learning something new everyday. And as they grow with your help they will look up to you for solutions and comfort.

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