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Parents! Watch your words

Parents! Watch your words

Apart from being parents, we are nothing but human. And it is human of us to see the negatives in everything. We acknowledge the good but focus on everything that is not right. What are we missing? What needs to be done? This is not the right thing and many more of such thoughts. And as parents we want to see the best in our child. And there is nothing wrong in it.

But there is something that comes with this intention which is not right. Expectation. We all have expectation from our children. And it is a sort of traditional thing that is passed on from generations. We are blinded by this feeling and fail to see the true worth of our child. We end up scolding them or comparing them and even worse we end up compelling them to take up dreams that we failed to fulfil.

It is a piece of cake to notice the bad things and difficult to see the good. And from a tender age we pour all the things on them. We expect them to clean or pick their toys once they are done playing. We expect them to behave in a certain manner. But we often forget that like any adult, they too need incentive or perk to do such a thing.

The best part about kids is that they don’t require much. We just have to monitor our words.

Yes, our words play a big role in our child’s life. You can build them up or crumble them with your words. There is saying

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”

Our words matter and we shall eat the fruit of them. What we say to our children is going to form them. We feed them their negatives they will grow up to hating themselves.

“So how can you boost your child?”

“Praise them” it is that simple.

Convey them that their efforts are seen. Every day, you can infuse happiness into your child through words of affirmation. Our words have tremendous power. When you intentionally praise your kids, they smile will instantly.

Two reasons why praising is beneficial

Praising is a powerful weapon. Your child, at this stage experiences a lot different emotion throughout the day. So when you praise them, you are boosting their confidence. They are assured that you have trust on them. This helps them when they are assigned some work. They will pour their own ideas and will go an extra mile to complete the work.

Praising makes your child productive. When you praise them for every little effort. They will help around a bit more. If you allot three tasks to your child and your child completes one task and comes to you to show the effort. Just praise them. Tell them that they did a great job and see them do the left over task with great ease.

No matter the age, praise are liked by everyone. So praise your child a little bit more everyday. Build them up with your words.

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