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One more story

One more story

Having child is fun but exhausting. The trouble ensues when the bedtime starts nearing. Toddlers, somehow have the energy flowing through them at night. They seem to have their own plans that they want to achieve. They become bouncy balls that are hard to get a hold of. Running errands, they did be in a totally different zone. They have so much on their to do list and sleeping is at the bottom of it. Well…that wasn’t hard to guess.

At the end of the day being mommy and daddy seems a little to tedious when your young when just doesn’t sleeps. From telling stories to singing lullabies, nothing seems to work. And the days they sleep early feels like a dream come true.

Is it possible that this remarkable event can happen everyday. Is it possible that your young one could sleep on time without revolting. Honestly speaking…yes. That is possible. Keep reading to know the magical portion’s recipe.

First thing first set clear expectations and be consistent. When you make a rule or expectation for your child, be consistent to follow-through on it. If your expectation is that they are in bed by 9 p.m. on school nights, then keep to it. Kids will challenge you more when you are inconsistent.

Incorporate exercise and lots of fresh air. The idea behind this is to tire your child and using all that extra energy that stops them from being sleepy.

Give them the environment that makes sleeping easy. A quiet, dark, cosy, de-cluttered, toy-free room will be easier to fall asleep in.

Set a bedtime routine. Be consistent with your child’s bedtime routine whatever it may be; bath time, story time, or other calming activities.

Don’t pay attention after you put them in the bed. After you have given the final good night, minimize your attention. Children often get really creative this time of day and come up with all kinds of philosophical questions about life, death, and our existence; now is not the time to engage; re-direct them to bed with minimal talking or attention.

All these methods are only possible if you are not lenient with the whole routine. Your child may crib and whine about it. But as a parent you must strong headed. Bedtime battles test a parent’s resolve. But giving in to your child’s demands or responding negatively won’t help solve your bedtime problems.

Remember that you’re teaching your child an important skill. Be consistent in your approach and set an attainable goal and, if your kid meets it, reward your child first thing in the morning. Over time, you can set more challenging goals.

It’s never too late to teach your child good sleeping habits. Eventually, your consistency will pay off in a good night’s sleep for everyone. Just remember a load of patience with a touch of consistency will go a long way.

Wishing you a happy peaceful sleep soon.

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