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My baby is starting school !!!

My baby is starting school !!!

Preparing the child for school is major milestone for every parent even though it involves a little bit of emotional conflict. You are worried about your little one’s new adventure. Your baby stepping out in the world alone can put you in a tight spot. And on the other you are happy that your baby will make new friends and learn new things. At this point, the emotions are riding the rollercoaster, you are happy, excited, scared, nervous and a tons of butterflies in the stomach.

Let us not forget that your child is starting a new chapter and must be prepared for it. The best way to get the child feel comfortable is to pretend play. Pretend is what a child does while playing doctor-doctor. You can take turn to be the child, teacher and a parent. Also, reassure your child that school is a good place to learn and play.

Keep the ear open whenever your child comes with query. Listen to what they have to ask. It is very appealing to answer them quickly and get on. But at this stage, it becomes essentials to let your child know that their concerns are given importance no matter how significant or insignificant the question is. This will encourage the child to ask in the classroom without any hesitation. Do not stop them from asking.

A child does not have enough vocabulary to express what they feel. Pay attention to their changed behavior. Your child may show the anxiety by becoming clingy, too moody, aggressive in behavior and at time they may show withdrawal symptoms. You may be asked by your child to dress them even though they can do it themselves. This can be frustrating and you may worry that they will end being depended. But that is not the case. Remember that your child is still trying to cope up with new environment with tons of emotions swirling in them. If you play along this little game your child will become their big selves sooner.

The hardest part for a child is good-byes. The child is not used to the separation and this can make the morning good-byes a little tough. It is indeed heart breaking for any mother to see their little one cry. You can get the child in the routine by making him play games. Make the child say good-byes to anyone who is leaving. Parents can take turns to babysit. You can ask someone to look after your child for few minutes and slowly extending the time to hours. This will help the child ease in the transition.

Always remember, your child is growing and growing has a lot of transition. And in every phase your child will require your support, love and above all your patience.

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