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Mine!! I want it back

Mine!! I want it back

“Mine!! I want it back.” This phrase is rather familiar to most parents. This is a tricky part in parenthood. Teaching kids how to share their toys is a tough job. They are very well known for not sharing their toys. They may not be playing with it but next moment, as soon as some other kid starts to play, they want it back. They will hold on tighter to the toy. They will not let go of it.

Normally, we know that’s how the child grows but still we want them to share and teach them how to interact with other kids or sibling.

Once you child starts preschool or play school, it becomes necessary to teach them how to share. For there will be many kids, like aged . But before start with how to teach kids to share let’s keep in mind that kids react to positive reinforcement and praises. So when you see your child share give them a reward.

Taking turns

If child has a soft toy, play a game to hold that toy. Let’s suppose you have a teddy bear, tell your child that it is Daddy’s turn to hold the teddy bear. Hold it for a while then pass it on to your kid saying now it’s your turn. Play this game for some time

This will teach kids that just because they are giving up a toy it doesn’t means that they will not posses it again.

Praise them

When you see your child share something, praise them. Kids respond faster to positive reinforcement. They look forward to feel good.

We all do. We all enjoy it when we are praised . And so when a child behaves inappropriately, tell them that will not be praises or rewarded because the behaviour that was expected was not fulfilled. Do not punish or scold them.

Be the role model

Children learn more by observing the adults in the house. So if you are eating grapes. Share some with your child. You can then point out how you would love your child to share thing with you.

Do not label things

As mentioned, kids observe and learn. So when we tell them not to touch a certain object only because it belongs to mommy or daddy, you are showing them that the things you use are not meant to share.

So when you see your child playing with remote control, instead of saying “don’t play with it. It is Daddy’s” try telling “this remote control is not a toy and it stays on the centre table. You can use it when you grow up” the second response will tell her that remote control is not a toy and she can use it once she grows up. It shows that she is not denied the use of remote control but she just has to wait till she is old enough to use it.

Tick of the watch

The next time your child doesn’t want to share something, set a timer let your child know that they will get to play for 10 minutes and then, when the timer goes off, it’s the other’s turn to play for 10 minutes. This will show your child how to take turns and also let him know that giving up his toy isn’t permanent."

Even though not sharing is also common but dealing with it can a huge challenge. Kids do not readily share things, they need to be trained and taught. They should be taught in a way that they don’t feel pressurized. They need know when they did the right thing. Praise them or reward them. When they don’t act accordingly tell them that you are disappointed and the reward will not be given.

With these little routine and changes mentioned, your child will learn to share on her own.

Remember to keep those little heads happy and they will never fail you.

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