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Listen, what the child says

Listen, what the child says

The child says:
Don’t show me the way,
I walk on your steps.
I don’t want your help in all matters,
let me struggle to learn new things myself.
Don’t compare me with others,
I am unique in this world.
Don’t advise me in all matters,
I too understand things.
I ask questions, not to get information,
but to satisfy my own curiosity.

I am not so stupid who disregard your good counsels.
In fact I test you how good you are in persuading me.
Encourage me,
and I’ll never discourage you.
When I fail at learning,
please don’t lose patience, please keep trying.
I am not so impudent who disrespect your instructions.
In fact I test your patience and tolerance.
I don’t need dreams but the confidence on myself,
which as my parents only you can give me.
Don’t hide life’s truths from me,
as I too have to confront them one day.
When failure strikes me,
what I need is not your counsels but encouragement.
I have come to existence, not to become a doctor or engineer,

but to be a good human being.
I am not a device to fulfill your expectations,
but mere a medium to carry life together.
I understand your pain,
wish you too can read my emotions.
School is not meant to shape my goals,
but to shape my life.
Do what you want to teach me,
I will learn from your actions.
Whatever I do,
is mere reflection of your being.
I don’t need facilities,
but consistency of life.
I too will succeed one day,
don’t put me on trial day-to-day.

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