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Inside of timidity

Inside of timidity

Children in company of their mothers feel more secure and safe. Thus, they don’t want their mothers leave them even for a moment. Child feels uneasy if you go out, perhaps to hospital or elsewhere, without informing him. Nothing can solace him in such situation. Thus, it is important to persuade him to accept circumstance before getting separated from him. Sometimes you can even use toys as an instance in order to explain things to him.

  • Often mothers in order to frighten the child use name of demons, ghost etc. This creates deep-rooted fears in the mind and heart of child and adversely affects his subconscious mind.
  • When the child is trying his hand on new things, the parents often discourage him with negative suggestions like – “Don’t do this”, “You won’t be able to do it”, or “It’s not your cup of tea” – Such negative statements or the competitive atmosphere caused by parents between two children makes the child timid, negative, depressed, introvert and unsuccessful.
  • Attitude of helping the child in every small matters, a narrow-mindedness that the child will spoil himself if he plays with other children of the society, ignoring the child’s friends, trying to keep the child’s toys strictly under your charge – all theses affect negatively in day-to-day life of the child.
  • Always trying to protect the child, daunting him with imaginary fears that he might fall down and hurt himself, not allowing him to go out, not letting him go out on a picnic and training camp, not allowing him to take part in sports – such approach of parents make the child timid.
  • Often parents pressure the child to get good marks in exams. The performance pressure and the expectations of parents scare the child greatly even before appearing in the test. Rather than acquainting the child with where he may make mistakes, the incompetent parents load him with the pressure of results. They don’t know that often the child learns great many things from failures. Therefore, such treatment destroys the child’s self-respect, self-confidence, patience and ability to withstand the failures.

Parents must understand this.

Children are the gift of nature. You cannot return them to nature in exchange of other ones. There is ‘No Exchange Offer’ in it. You must accept them as they are and it is beneficial to change yourself a little than to attempt to change them.

Children understand the language of love, not of anger.

  • You can control the child immediately by expressing anger, but on a long this proves an easy route to problems.
  • Children love to learn through software, called – stories.
    • Children learn majority of important attitudes of life by the time he reaches age ten. You can quickly inculcate values, good habits or teach him to set priorities and goals in life through stories and fictitious characters.

Your child is a product of your environment. The child does not taking birth as good or bad. The problems you face pertaining to your child are in fact caused by you only through your own attitudes and surroundings you created.

Children speaking lie, victim of tests.

Children learn to lie blatantly because of the fear of poor result, parents’ expectations, the parents stand after the result and their inability to accept the truth. Telling lies relieve them from the tension of poor result. Parents love to hear good, but, not truth. Parents’ such attitudes compel children to speak lies. Children often speak lies to their parents anticipating wrath and negative expression from them, if they (children) speak-out truth.

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