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How to set up a morning routine with kids?

How to set up a morning routine with kids?

It is quite unusual to follow a routine around kids and it has been witnessed by generationslong ago to the generation now present. To make children stick to something is a task. Believing they will follow it every day is no less than an illusion, so it would be a joke if someone says “Make a routine” while your kid runs errand in the room.

It is not that impossible.

First thing first, set a clear goal for tomorrow. Share it with your kids while you are putting them off to sleep. Surprisingly kids work like key dolls when they know what is going to happen the next moment. Having a clear structure in place gives your child a sense of trust, safety and security. They know what to expect and can easily move through responsibilities.

Here’s how to nail your kids’ morning routine so that everyone can have a good day.

Make sure that the little bouncy heads filled with energy gets good amount of sleep.

Sleep is the main element in child’s as well as adult’s life that make thing easier or harder. Kids need to have a sleep routine that is they need to sleep at a fix time and get up at a fix time (including weekends).

Prepare the breakfast a night before

No! Not the whole breakfast. But get stuff ready, like whatever needs to be chopped and if you are going to pack Chapattis then knead the dough. Prepare well in advance for the breakfast that kids will be eating at home as well as of the meal you will packing.

Get up early

Get up before anyone else. It makes things easier. Getting up early will give you the time you require to relax before hustle starts. It helps in getting things done without feeling irritated.

Involving kids in the routine

When you know what needs to done, only you know it. And that’s the problem. Look at your little one, they want to help too. They want to know what mommy is doing and they too want to do it. Involve them in your routine and allow them to do things that are age appropriate. This way you will be keeping them busy and your work schedule won’t be disturbed.Most of the times, children till 7years get hyper or uncontrollably frustrated and irritated because they don’t know where to utilize their energy. Channelize this energy during this period. It is essential to involve them at such a young age because it is during this period they will pick habits.

Since we are talking about a routine let us not forget to include exercise. This is the best way to use their energy. And well kids are kids,they enjoy running in the open spaces. So take out time from your routine and enjoy this moment with kids. Not only will it strengthen them physically but will also strengthen your bond.

Setting up a routine may seem hard in the starting but eventually kids will get a hang of it. What is important is that you involve them.

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