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Explaining the ongoing pandemic

Explaining the ongoing pandemic

Stop CORONA Stop!

“What is the reason mom and dad are not allowing me to go out?”

“Why is everyone wearing a mask?”

“What is wrong with my grandpa? Why can’t he come home?”

“Why did school give us such a long break?”

These questions may not come directly from your child but they do observe such things. It is very likely that may be mildly get effected by the current situation. But whatever it maybe, kids do need to know what is going on and what are the risks. The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious health concern for most people right now. But for kids taking in the news, fears surrounding it may be especially daunting.

So now the question arises how can parents help their children manage their fears, while also remaining aware and alert themselves?

According to the experts it is advisable to disclose every detail to children, as they need to know the consequences too. The important part for parents is to stay calm because kids are the mirrors. They reflect what we act.

When you figure out the time to talk about the outbreak make sure they have an understanding of the virus first.

Then go to explaining about what is known about the virus at this point that it is a respiratory virus and that the illness can be asymptomatic (no symptoms), or have symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

It will be easier you can use the example of comparing it to other viruses such as influenza, and talk about how hand hygiene is the most important thing to prevent the virus. Teach kids to wash hands for 20 seconds of using a bathroom facility, before and after eating, coming home or even after handshake.

Why this talk is important?

The news spreads like a wildfire. And the social media definitely helps this fire grow bigger and wider. At this stage it becomes important for a child to hear the details from the source that is trusted and true. You as parents are the best source of information. But before you say something, make sure to educate yourself first and if you don’t have proper and trusted sources, ask your family doctor.

If your child shows concern, don’t dismiss them. Their concerns should be handled with utmost care while talking about such a pandemic. Little children need a lot of assurance, so make sure you tell them things that will help them feel that they are in control and following a certain routine will help them stay safe.

Ask your kid to keep the hands clean (once again), instruct them not to put their finger in the eyes, nose, mouth and even ears, no handshake and no hugs to friends. It is extremely important to maintain their hygiene. Lastly the magical drink to build the immune system – warm turmeric milk.

If your child is experiencing worries or concerns, you don’t want them keeping those in. Talk about those fears, rely upon the data we currently have to assuage those fears when possible, and don’t be afraid to turn off the news if necessary.

It’s sometimes okay to step away from the current news cycle for the benefit of your child’s mental health.

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