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Do I look okay?

Do I look okay?

Teens, these days have access to social media and it becomes hard monitor their every activity. These kids follow celebrities and many other people. They desire to look like them. This celebrity imaging is harmful. This has negative effective on kids. Teenager compare themselves with celebrities. Not only do they follow their fashion trends but they want to have physic, the looks and also the body size. The trends like size zero, plum lips, lean figure, good abs and what not…all these trends make them feel a little less attractive.

Teens develop a sense of body image. It means how they perceive their body. In addition, body image includes their feelings about their body and how they take care of it. As a result, body image is an essential part of adolescent development and is also linked to self-esteem. And we should be asking why?. Well that’s because society and the media—including social media is a place where looking good is very important.

Body image does not exist in a vacuum. Thus, mental health influences body image, and vice versa. Hence, children and teens with a negative body image are more likely to experience feelings of anxiety, depression, and lack of control. But what influences body image?

Family environment

kids whose parents express concern about their weight have lower body esteem and feel less physically able. Body image of parents also influences children.


Attitudes and judgments of friends and peers impact teen body image. That includes older and younger peers.

The environment is a major factor that influences a mind. Teenage is such a tender age where if exposed to negative body image can lead to eating disorder. Where is what we can do to help them. We can foster positive body image among teenagers. Giving them proper guidance of they feel that they are not fit. No one wants to be tagged as fat, obese or any such names.

So when your child makes an effort to go on dieting don’t stop them from doing so. Instead help them. Take them to a proper dietitian and enrol them fitness classes. This way we can help them build a positive body image. Positive body image brings in a lot of goodies

Improved self-esteem and well-being

Feeling better about one’s body contributes to positive outlook and self-confidence.

Increased self-acceptance

A positive body image means that teens are more accepting of their bodies and how they look.

Healthier behaviours

Teens who experience body satisfaction are more likely to practice self-care. That includes eating well, getting more sleep, and exercising at a healthy level.

Teen body image has a powerful impact on their mental health and wellness. Therefore, parents should work alongside their growing kids. Because, for kids battling body image need assurance and who better than parents can push their child to achieve their dreams.

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