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Curricular and co-curricular activities

Curricular and co-curricular activities

The best method to educate a child is to teach him along with some extra-curricular activities. The extra-curricular activities are developing the children’s abilities to understand and giving experience too. The curricular activities help the child to develop his personality beyond boundaries drawn by the Mark-Oriented Education System. The curricular activities are providing an opportunity to every student to attain the peak in his field of interest and inclination. It is a food for mind and subconscious-mind and a vertical growth to the body’s energy. It is a natural procurement. It teaches a time-management. It is the mother of personality development. It is a challenge to the Mark Based Evaluation System. It is a real education. Provide ample opportunities in curricular activities to bring out the best of him in his field of interest and inclination. Activities means a unfolding of the childhood, it means re-creation of the personality, activity means joy, activity means organizing of festivity of life, it means to convert the class-room into a heaven, activity means creation of teacher’s teaching, it means sailing into the flow of education, activity means instilling the inner-self into the bundle of information, activity means experiencing the sense, it means dawn of childhood, it means to fill the eyes of child with joy and cheers, it means a natural attempt to prevent the school from becoming cemetery, activity means to rise above the books for merging into mother-nature, activity means a poetic appreciation of the school.

Activity means offering of homage to the God, it means nurturing of vision, a sheltering of interest means activity, no-string attached joy among four-walls of the class-room means activity, activity means applying of kohl in awaiting eyes, activity means flying on imagination to experience sheer joy, it means energising childhood, activity means glorifying wish over mind, activity means an attempt to convert a garden into a park, it means spreading the personality, activity means decomposition of the tension, activity means indication of arrival of nature, activity means instilling music in ear, activity means an attempt to convert knowledge, science, and yoga into an experiment, activity means transformation of teacher into a child, activity means singing of birds on veranda of the school, activity means an educative attempt to convert company into a pleasure. It must be understood that all these creations are results of the co-curricular activities, the extinction of those activities would extinct the personality. The recent reform in the education system is an initiation to convert the education into the co- education. In a chit-chat meeting with a principal of another school, after conclusion of a training programme, he opined about the training programme that “It is nothing but a plan only to pass the students in bulk at free of cost.”

If the Government, Administration or System fails to change the attitude of the person concern than just like mercury, the educated and qualified persons will be also sitting at the bottom of the lake.

The desired results could not be achieved with just an exchange of information during the training programmes organised for adaptation of a new thought, ideals or system. In fact, it is essential to give training for “ATTITUDE” change.

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