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Corona-virus gave kids a mini vacation but Parents where you prepared?

Corona-virus gave kids a mini vacation but Parents where you prepared?

Well, there is no such thing as kids proofing and parents know it. Given the outbreak of Corona-virus, govt. has declared holidays. That means no school and it also means messy home. So what do you do to keep your kids busy at home? Tab, mobile, T.V., pc or video game, are these you’re the things that help you keep your child busy?

No doubt it is the easiest way out and of course you got to your work too. How long can you entertain your child? But what if there was a way to keep children busy without the screen time. YES, without the screen time.

And no it will not be hard.

If you want to cut down on screen time for your kids, but you also need to get stuff done—or just take a few minutes for yourself—it can be hard to think of fun ways to keep kids engaged and busy. This list of 20 tech-free ways to entertain your preschooler or toddler may take a bit more energy or advance planning than just handing your child your phone.

1. Let them help you.
If you’re cooking or cleaning, let them assist you. Give them a job they can handle. For young kids, that might be stringing beans or setting the table. For older kids, that might be slicing vegetables or sweeping the house.

2. Offer creative toys.
Any toy that lets a child create is sure to keep them distracted for a long time. Invest in Lego, puzzles, and Play-Dough. Not only will your child be able to play with them for hours, but they’ll build up their spatial reasoning, too.

3. Design a treasure hunt.
Hide something like a coin or a sticker somewhere in the house. Give your kids a clue, and let them run wild trying to find it. If you make it a bit tricky to find, you’ll build up their resilience—and their ability to find things without begging for your help.

4. Build a fort.
Give your child a few pillows and a blanket, and challenge them to turn the couch into a fort. No child will turn down the chance to make a secret base—and they’ll be much more likely to play independently once they’re inside.

5. Create a scavenger hunt.
You don’t need to make a whole list—just say, “Find me something that starts with the letter B," and let them run around the house searching. To keep your kids motivated, you might reward them by letting them choose a dish for dinner once they’ve found 10 things.

6. Suggest a science experiment.
Let your kids discover the world. Teach or show them something about an object or their surroundings and let them explore it. That might mean giving them a magnet and telling them to see what sticks, or giving them a bowl of water and prompting them to see what will float and what will sink.

7. Give new tools to explore
Handing a child a new tool can keep them occupied for a pretty long time. Give your kids a flashlight, a combination lock or a magnifying glass, and let them figure out how it works for themselves.

8. Give them chores
This isn’t a popular option, but can be good for them. If you’re going to clean the kitchen, have your children clean their rooms. Not only will you get time to actually do your job, but your kids will learn that they have a role in keeping the house clean, too.

9. Yarn laser
Get red yarn and tie it all around to make it look like security lasers and see how long it takes them to get through the maze. Just like in Mission Impossible.

10. Art to the rescue
Give your kids a place where they can set up a white paper on the board (of course with your help). Let them paint it. Because who doesn’t likes to paint on the wall?

11. Let them make their own meal
Kids like to know they’re making some decisions, so if they get to be a part of what they are eating throughout the day, it’ll make them feel important.

Keeping little ones occupied is tough and is even tougher to as they will be using their energy at home which was utilized in school. But given the shutdown, you can try these new activities for kids moreover it will get them used to playing independently. And given these activities will hold their attention for quite bit.

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