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Big Bag Bully

Big Bag Bully

They call me names.., they don’t play with me.., they laugh at me.., they push me and hurt me…, they make me cry… all these are forms of bullying. Your child may face such bullying at some point in their life. “It’s a phase.. you’ll get over it” is a common response that doesn’t works. It only leads to the downfall of the victim’s life. Bullying is a big problem that makes kids feel hurt, scared, sick, lonely and sad. Bullies may hit, kick, or push to hurt people, or use words to call names, tease, or scare them. Bullying at any age is unacceptable and actions should be taken as soon as possible

Bullying has grabbed everybody’s attention. It is because many students face such problems and these traumatizing events often lead a child to take life threatening step like suicide.

But as parents we can not always be around kids to protect them. So how can we help our kids and save them from being bullied.

We need build confident and resilient child. We can not stop bullies from entering a child’s life but we can always teach kids how to handle such situations. Kids should be taught resilience at home that will help them to bounce back. This will change them from victim to survival.

These bullies target kids who have low self esteem because it becomes easy to intimidate them. So the first step is to create a support group for kids. A child should feel accepted and welcome wherever they go. So the chances of being bullied is less.

Voice up as parents we should encourage kids to ask for help and voice their issues. If they are getting bullied or not or even if they are just bystander, always encourage your child to voice up and speak up.

It is important to have positive parent child relationship for kids who were raised in positive environments were less likely to be bullied or to become bullies themselves. And children raised in families where physical violence was common displayed bullying behaviour or to accept bullying.

Also, those children who grow up in an authoritarian environments will consider using force acceptable and were thus more likely to view bullying as acceptable.

Involve yourself with kids

The best way to know if your child is being bullied or is the one bullying then involve your self with child’s day to day activities
Listen to what other kids have to say.

Speak to the concerned school authorities if your kid is bullied. Ask the school about
its bullying philosophy. Be ready to write all the letters that need to be written. It is one thing for schools to say that they take bullying very seriously."
How they put this into practice is quite another. A positive school climate requires everyone to work together toward building a "no-bully environment."

Make sure to contact the Billy’s parents and work with the school. Let the bully know that bullying is no good. And most importantly teach your kid stand up against the bully. The bully may harm your child but the best way to deal with bullying is to teach kid self defence. Self defence will give them a sense of security and will also boost their confidence.

In the end, bulling of any form should be stopped and it should start with home. As parents use your authority with care. Give kids the space to take their own calls. And most importantly do not let your child face bully alone.

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