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Beautiful and Athletic

Beautiful and Athletic

You see a girl playing foot ball, hanging out with guys in jersey and you call her…well you know it “a tomboy”. And on the other hand you see a girl all dressed up, blue ribbon in her hair, wearing a satin dress and you call her “a girly girl”.

But there is also a saying

‘You can be whoever you want to be’

So why a girl does needs to choose between being a tomboy and a girly girl. Honestly speaking, a tomboy can dress as beautifully and so called girly girl can be awesome at basket ball. It’s just depends on what they want to be at a given point.

Raising a daughter who looks delicate yet kicks like a karate champ can be a roller coaster ride. And there is no doubt about it. You’ll be admiring how gorgeous she looks in her rugby outfit. To have a daughter who can be both, tough and docile, you are raising woman who is prepared to face the world with sportsman spirit.

No matter if you call her a tomboy or a tough girl, there is little that is subtle about her. If your daughter has tomboy tendencies, she makes herself seen and heard from early on. In most people’s opinions, she acts more like a boy than a girl. From the moment she gets up, there is commotion since she rarely tiptoes. Usually she jumps over a chair on her way into any room. But if you insist on giving her a doll, she will take out rubber-band and play costume and dress her Barbie up.

What can you do with girls as unpredictable like these?

Seriously…Laugh it off. You can’t do a thing. If you force her to become something other than what she is, with her tomboy tendencies she might become rebellious, reserved and even aggressive (well that is what happens with anyone who is forced to be someone other than their true self).

They are like rare blue roses. You can only preserve them and admire them. And most importantly accept them as they are. The issue is that there are some silly stereotypes that don’t allow us to understand how a girl can do both moreover switch from a tomboy to girly girl so easily.

You as parents might want to think your daughter is a tomboy and you won’t be the only one to have this notion. So the risk of them being teased is likely. And as parents you don’t want to be one of those bullies.

The fact is these tough cookies grow up to confident, independent thinkers, success oriented women. They can easily size up man’s world. Most importantly they will empowered in all the situations.

Now isn’t that an asset!

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