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A Right Age for Schooling

A Right Age for Schooling

A Right Age for Schooling What is the right age for a child to start schooling?

I think, a child having completed three-years of age on or before 30-6 (June 30) at the beginning of an academic year of the school can be admitted at the Nursery Level. However, in few cases the children completing 3-years on or before 30-9 (September 30) could also be given admission, provided they have good physical and mental growth.

But, because being younger in the age such children are facing stiffer competition from others in the class and finding it like an uphill task. Some parents even make phony Birthday Certificate for their child to start schooling at an early age, however, this trick could be proven counter-productive in some cases.

In fact, the smart and educated parents should take the admission of their child at one-year later age as it would ultimately benefit the child, I think.

The Nursery Schooling offers various different opportunities to the child such as – to accustom himself to spend time away from parents, particularly from mother, to develop good habits, time-management, and to do every job on his own to make him self-dependent and confident. The Nursery schooling is not for educating the child, but, to give him/her an impression that it is a system devised for him to spend joyful hours, on daily basis.

The child can be kept busy with such activities that develop his/her skills, talents and other abilities, particularly the skills that enhance the abilities of his/her fingers and eyes.

The Nursery Schooling is a system that educates the child about colours, games, shapes, toys, arrangements, neatness, food, discipline, friendship, social adaptation, freedom, fun, and self-management and so on. The school should train the nursery children in the same purview.

The child taking admission directly at Jr. K. G. level is not lagging behind in the education. Play School and Nursery School are arrangements for the working couples or parents having hectic lifestyles or having no option but to keep the child busy in the good activities.

Normally, parents make lots of experiments with the first child because of their over-enthusiasm. But, the maturity earned from these experiments is surely benefiting the second child of the family.

The child placed in the school at an early age is often facing difficulties or lag behind in the education because of his inability to grasp quickly compared to other older children.

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